Protecting Places of Worship

"Seeking the Kingdom First"

Churches are built for the purpose of assembly and community. However, viruses and bacteria also tend to congregate in the facilities and spaces that people use most. 

Victory Lab Micro-Clean™ serves to a standard of excellence that provides your members the confidence to worship and serve their communities safely. Let our experts provide your church's Comprehensive Facility Infection Prevention Solution so you can focus on your congregation and community.

Churches have partnered with us to:

  • Provide hospital grade Disinfection for sanctuaries and campus facilities.

  • Safely return to full capacity in-person services. 

  • Empower visitors and members with confidence through proven infection prevention. 

  • Implement Targeted child-care facility, bus/fleet and foodservice infection prevention systems.  

  • Large event pre/post decontamination services.

  • Custom Social-Distancing Seating Infographics.


Kinetic Visitor Assurance System

Protection validated through visibility.

Victory Lab Micro-Clean® is the only Infection Prevention Service Provider to provide custom signs and infographics at your site that link to our patent pending Micro-View Portal via QR, NFC and more.


Our portal informs visitors of the ATP microbe levels for the surfaces in the facility they are using. Micro-View Portal is linked directly to custom co-branded signs and infographics via QR, NFC and other communications technologies and displays air quality and facility capacity information as well.



We also display additional site-specific information/instructions that our partners deem as important to their visitors in our Micro-View Portal. 

Micro-View Portal.png
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Incredible attention to detail, every church needs this service, excellent company! 


Our Church Infection Prevention Services: What to Expect 

First, we test. We will schedule a Micro-View Diagnostic for your site with one of our Infection Prevention Specialists. A Victory Lab Certified Specialist will perform microbe level ATP tests on key high-touch surfaces at your facility. This gives us a baseline of how effective your current solution is and helps us formulate the optimal strategy for protecting your church facilities.  

If you’re looking for a one time deep-decontamination service, there is no company in DFW that can match the Victory Lab Micro-Clean experience and expertise. Whether your building capacity is 50 or 50,000, we’ve got solutions. 

We identify key locations for customized co-branded sign and infographic placement. We co-create signage design with our clients, so our information delivery system integrates perfectly with the décor and scheme of your facility and brand. 

Once we have agreed on your church’s Facility Infection Prevention Strategy(FIPS), we initiate services generally recurring on an average schedule of every 45 days. Though SurfaceGuard90™ and Nanotouch self-cleaning surfaces provide continuous anti-microbial protection on surfaces for up to 90 days, our experiences have shown 45-day recurring services to provide optimal protection for average facility utilization