What We Do

Victory Lab Micro-Clean is Disinfection and Surface Protection Service Expert.


How do we make their life better?

Our disinfection and surface protection technologies and services give your staff and visitors confidence that your facility is clean and protected.

Confident Staff + Comfortable Customers = Growth

Frequently Asked Questions


How do we make their life better?

Victory Lab Micro-Clean is ready to help you give your staff and visitors peace of mind about your facility’s standard of cleanness.

  • Over 20 years of Infection Control Experience

  • Over 20 years of Commercial Cleaning Experience

  • GBAC STAR Building Services Contractor

  • ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard Compliant

  • Green Seal  GS-42 Compliant

  • Bonded & Insured

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Path to Victory!

Step 1  Welcome to the Lab

  • Initial Consultation

    • We want to understand your facility's unique requirements and how our partnership can best suit your needs. 

  • Site assessment

    • Doing an on-site assessment is essential for us to identify the state of the surfaces we will be treating and the frequency of treatment required. We also identify any possible ways we can improve your facility's current Health Plan.

Step 2  Solutions Specialist Consultation

  • This is when the lab work really begins!  Our experienced experts work collaboratively with your Building Managers and all who need to be included in the process to develop a Comprehensive Facility Health Strategy.

Step 3  Comprehensive Facility Health Plan

  • We present a detailed Comprehensive Facility Health Plan that outlines treatment processes, frequencies, monitoring, Interim Clean Supply and our Kinetic Customer Assurance strategy for your facility. Your designated service delivery partner, your contract and invoice in one tidy package. 


Step 4  Dynamic Deployment

  • Deploy: Together, we schedule your facility or fleet start date for your selected services. 


  • 360° QMS: We adhere to rigorous a Quality Management System that is ISSA CIMS complainant.

    • We are obsessed with assuring your satisfaction and conduct regular follow-up inquiries and inspections. We call it 360° QMS because we always "circle back" and ensure your satisfaction.


  • Dynamic Service Modification: With the facility's data and your assigned Victory-Tech Team, we will always suggest and implement improvements and meet unforeseen issues with innovative solutions. 


  • Metrics: You have access to your facility's most recently recorded health info and trends online anytime.