Cleaned & Disinfected

PUR:ONE Fast Dissolving Cleaning and Disinfecting Tablets


PUR:ONE is a fast dissolving concentrated tablet that dissolves in water. It is the first chemical with an EPA registered kill claim against bacteria present in biofilm. It is powerful cleaner and disinfectant having sporicidal grade disinfection in a safe and effective formula for workers and surfaces

360° Electrostatic Spraying Technology

Protexus electrostatic sprayers easily disinfect and sanitize around curved and hard-to-reach surfaces, covering up to 3x the surface area of a conventional sprayer or mister using the same amount of time and labor.

PURTABS Fast Dissolving Disinfecting and Sanitizing Tablets


Concentrated PURTABS dissolve quickly in ordinary tap water to produce a variety of strengths to meet the range of needs for every facility. From the low-level sanitization required for food-contact surfaces, to powerful infection control for C. diff in healthcare settings.

Sustainable Chemicals. Advanced Technologies.

Victory Lab Micro-Clean partners with leaders in infection prevention innovations to deliver unmatched infection prevention services. Clinical efficacy of infection prevention programs is not based on equipment alone, but a systematic, standardized approach to infection prevention. We integrate EvaClean to enhance our cleaning protocols by providing one simple solution effective against the threats of today, and those of tomorrow. With EvaClean's NaDCC chemistry and end-to-end system Victory Lab Micro-Clean delivers:


  • Improved Compliance Standards

  • HOCL has four times the antimicrobial killing power of hypochlorites (-OCL)

  • Minimized Human Error

  • Safer Technologies and Chemicals

  • Reduced Outbreaks and HAIs



Aren’t surfaces re-contaminated between cleanings? 

We utilize SurfaceGuard90 which is a durable surface protectant and coating that inhibits odor and stain causing bacteria, mold and mildew, fungi and algae.

SurfaceGuard90, an EPA registered innovative product, provides water-based spray-on antimicrobial protection for porous and non-porus surfaces which may last up to 90 days.  Its biostatic protection is an added level of protection against damaging microbes such as bacteria, mold and mildew. 



“Others Guess, We Test."™ 

While the widely used practice of visual inspections may be sufficient for aesthetic purposes, it does not provide quantitative feedback on the effectiveness of the decontamination process. 

Micro-View Analysis… 

  • Victory Lab Micro-Clean™ deploys LuciPac A3 Technology for surface testing because independent testing has shown that A3 Technology represents a novel ATP test that can detect residues left behind by ineffective cleaning at lower levels than other tests on the market. 

  • Test Readings uploaded to Micro-View Portal™ for facility visitors to see.

  • Data driven infection prevention programs are cost effective. 

  • Gives patrons proven peace of mind.


Kinetic Customer Assurance

Let everyone know it’s safe to come in and why!


We are proud to be an industry leader in deploying emerging technologies to innovate creative ways to inform your facility’s visitors and staff of the steps you are taking to protect their wellbeing.


Our communication systems engineers have integrated QR and NFC technologies into our services and much more. The Victory Lab Micro-Clean approach is the future of interactive visitor/customer messaging technology.

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