Use PUR·ONE with spray bottles, flip-top bottles, microfiber, dry wipes or flat mops.

PUR·ONE is the first chemical with an EPA registered kill claim against bacteria present in biofilm.

  • SPORICIDAL kills C.diff in 4 minutes

  • NADCC TABLET CONCENTRATE mixes with normal tap water to create HOCL

  • More accurate dilution than chemical dispensers

  • EPA K list approved product recommended by the CDC for C.auris and other emerging pathogens

  • EPA List N approved product effective against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

  • OSHA bloodborne pathogen standard compliant

  • Broad-spectrum: From food contact surface sanitizer to sporicidal disinfectant

  • Neutral pH

  • NFPA rating 0,0,0 Use Dilution

PUR·ONE Effervescent Cleaner & Disinfectant