Frequently Asked Qestions

Is Victory Lab Micro-Clean a janitorial company? 

No. We are an Infection Prevention Services business. 

We Test, Disinfect & Protect High-touch surfaces. We provide effective infection prevention products & technologies for high traffic facilities. 

Does Victory Lab Micro-Clean perform emergency  decontamination? 

Yes. We are available for short notice facility decontaminations. Please call and speak with a specialist. 844.774.4424 

Are the  disinfectants safe for children & pets? 

Both founders of Victory Lab Micro-Clean are parents of young children & created the company with products that they trust in their own homes as essential to our model. All products we use are proven 100% safe for children, pets, plants and the planet! 

How do my employees & customers know my facility is proactively protected? 

VLMC’s KVA(Kinetic Visitor Assurance) system is the first of its kind. Not only do we design and strategically place signs for your facilities,  Your signs are linked via QR NFC and other tech to our (MVP)Micro-View Portal.


MVP provides actual data regarding surface  microbe levels for surfaces in the facility, Air filter quality data, Capacity data & any information our partners deem as important to communicate to their visitors and employees. 

Does Victory Lab Micro-Clean sell disinfectants & infection prevention equipment? 

Yes. We are proud distributors of Evaclean  Single-Chemistry Chemical Alternative Solutions and electrostatic sprayers. 


Visit our online store or contact us for Enterprise orders. 

Is IPaaS     (Infection Prevention  as a Service) a recurring service? how often? 

Yes. Our model is similiar to pest-control in that it recurs a minimum of every 90 days. 


However, We dont just guess a time window for recurring service intervals.  We Perform interim Micro-View Surface Analysis to develop the most effective service interval for our partners supported by data. 


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