Child-care & Education

Classrooms, Water dispensers, Cafeterias, Libraries, Toys, Even Playground equipment!

Protecting the surfaces our children contact most and utilizing EPA approved 100% safe products is very important to Victory-Lab and is one of the primary reasons the company was founded.

Recreation & Entertainment

Libraries, Community Rec-Centers, Sports Venues, Movie Theaters, Concert Venues, Events(Weddings, Workshops, Parties) and more!


Property Management (Apartments, Rental Properties), Real Estate.

Tennant turnovers, decontaminations, open-houses, apartment gyms and pool areas are some areas of concern that we have been able to protect for the residential sector.

Auto Fleet

School Buses, Public Transportation, Public Service Fleets, Commercial Fleets, Carwash Partnership Opportunities.

We treat fleets of all sizes. SurfaceGuard90 is amazing for treating auto A/C ducts. So both Surface and Air are protected.

       We Protect "We-Spaces"

The places People Come Together


For restaurants to operate or reopen safely during and following the pandemic it is critical to adhere to a facility health program that exceeds industry standards.

We are the only Disinfection and Decontamination company that Cleans, Disinfects, Protects, Tests and offers optional customized interactive signage and messaging services. This communicates in a clear easy to understand presentation that our customers genuinely care about their customers and employees.
Whether you’re already serving customers or in the process of reopening, Victory Lab Micro-Clean is your comprehensive disinfection and surface protection expert. 


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A fitness facility is the last place anyone should have to worry about damaging their health.


Allow Victory Lab's experts to formulate a Comprehensive Facility Health Program that caters specifically to your fitness center's disinfection and surface protection needs.


Our Kinetic Customer Assurance System utilizes the most innovative technologies to educate your members regarding the measures you are taking to assure their health. They will appreciate your attention to wellness and so will your bottom line.

Let us weaponize the surfaces that your customers contact most against gross.

  • Bar Bells

  • Benches

  • Bikes

  • Restrooms

  • Saunas

  • Exercise Equipment

  • Mats

  • Counters



Most people are familiar with the empty spray bottles, roughed paper-towel rolls, and spent sanitizer dispensers that clutter the cart corrals & entries of grocery stores and look & feel dirty.

Victory Lab Micro-Clean has formulated a comprehensive solution for the grocery and retail industry that specifically disinfects and protects the surfaces that customers and employees interact with most.

Get your store’s "COVID Action Team" back to work performing more impactful tasks and leave the disinfecting and protecting to Victory Lab Micro-Clean experts!

Self-check out kiosks
Refrigerator door handles


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